Smartec NEW Laser Solder Service 

NEW  Laser Solder Service

Often people ask us how to solder thin wires to the HEC, the SMT172  hybrid element (2.5 x 8 mm) and also to SOT223 a housing special designed for Surface Mount Technology but also used as sensor housing. In case the SOT223 is mounted on a PCB the temperature of the PCB is given and not the temperature of surrounding (suppose you don’t want that).

Afbeelding met elektronica Beschrijving is gegenereerd met hoge betrouwbaarheid

Therefore soldering wires (30AWG)  to the SOT223 is an option.

For both the housings we have designed a little laser solder station to solder the wires on without damaging the sensor by high solder iron temperature.

Reference: click here.

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