Smartec Products

Over the years Smartec has brought a wide variety of products on the market. Starting with the temperature sensor in the beginning of the 90’s, now we have included over fifty sensors in our portfolio.

What is a Smart sensor without software? A customer can find all kinds of software applications in the supportshop on our website; all the software is free to use and virus free.

In more than 25 years of sensor production, we noticed that a designer prefers more than a sensor a solution for his sensor problem, what lead in writing of rather complicated software and hardware by themselves.
That is why Smartec offers not only sensors, but also sensor solutions.
For quick design-in of sensor solutions there are modules exclusively developed by our own laboratories, they include easy to use evaluation software and hardware for the customers convenience.

Due to smart production of these evaluation modules the price can be kept low, to make it appealing and easy for the user, without the need to design by themselves. Most information about the modules can be found on our website, so anyone can re-use the hard- and software and fit to their needs. With most of the PC applications it is possible to store measured data to XLS-like files for further analysing of the measured data.

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