About Us


We sell all types of sensors, transducers and transmitters for the measurement of physical properties. These properties include temperature, pressure, flow, force, torque, level, humidity, voltage, current, power, and toxic and hazardous gas concentration. We add to our sensor mix recorders, microprocessor controllers, signal conditioners, isolators and re-transmitters.

We are an applications driven company. We assist our clients from the very beginning, guiding them to make the best choices through each stage of a project. We include the details needed for a complete measurement or control solution. In addition to specific hardware recommendations, we also provide detailed pricing and delivery information.

Our complementary, yet varied product line provides our customers with a selection of high quality products at competitive prices. All of our products can be applied to OEM and end-user applications. We really are the Sensor Guys, Your Measurement and Control Connection.

Here’s a quotation from Dave Snyder, President of D&D Engineering:

“Our customers are often unsure of how to solve their measurement needs. We offer an application driven approach to solve their problem. This means that we look for the best technical solution regardless of the manufacturer. Our titles are ‘Sales Engineer’, but we are all graduate engineers with over 50 years of instrumentation and controls experience.”


D & D Engineering was formed in 1987 by David Snyder as a part-time consulting company in the instrument marketing and test equipment design field. In July of 1993 the company became a Manufacturer’s Representative company when Dave realized that most representative companies do not help their Principals get designed into their customer’s products. Dave felt this was an important part of being a Representative, and since he had an extensive background in Sales and Marketing Management and Engineering, he decided that this was the avenue he would like to pursue on a full-time basis.  Dave, my friend and business partner passed away and he is missed every day.” ~ Jerry

D&D Engineering continues to operate with Dave’s philosophy in all the facets of the business. Thank you for your support!

After over 30 years Jerry is retiring. The products lines are still available and distributors are listed on the homepage. Its time to say, goodbye and work on retiring!