Chips, Chips & Chips

What semiconductors, snacking and gambling all have in common: Encoders!

There has been a lot of talk lately around the global ‘chip’ shortage. Even social media last month was filled with cartoons of engineers asking Santa for semiconductors for Christmas. Rotary encoders such as the DS-130 by Netzer Precision are an important part of this ‘chip’ production. Accuracies exceeding 0.004 degrees, 21 bit resolution and a 90mm ID ensure that component placement can be done accurately and consistently.

Reliable positioning is critical in food and beverage whether you’re making chocolate chips or packaging potato chips. Rotary encoders and linear sensors made of food-grade 316 stainless steel and designed to withstand high temperature washdown ensure a clean environment. Incremental encoders ensure reliable labeling and placement of packaged foods on conveyor belts and containers. Everight Position has a broad line of options from POSITAL (link) and Positek (link) to meet your needs.

The most common way to make poker chips is through plastic injection molding. This process requires rotary encoders that can withstand high temperatures and millions of cycles. POSITAL UCD rotary encoders (link) are ideal for such processes. Combining a compact size and a wide variety of mounting options in an economic package, they are ideal for OEMs and one-off machines alike.