Compact, Lightweight, Inductive Ring Encoders

IncOder™ CORE is a robust miniature PCB-based inductive ring encoder designed for robotic joints.

IncOder CORE is a non-contact, lightweight absolute rotary inductive encoder fully contained in a printed circuit board kit. The ergonomic hollow bore design is suited for integration into rotary actuators. The position sensor utilizes a unique field-proven inductive technique, delivering highly repeatable, reliable, temperature-stable measurement performance.

The angle sensor can be installed simply by mounting the rotor and stator pair into the host assembly by means of M2 mounting holes. With modest installation tolerances, a programmable zero set, and no calibration required, the sensor can be screwed (and optionally doweled) in place for quick, practical, and reliable setup.

Each sensor includes a passive rotor target, paired with an active stator. The stator contains all the required processing electronics in a lightweight, stacked circuit board package. The stator features a 10-way Molex PicoClasp connector for power input and data outputs. The IncOder CORE can be supplied with an axial or radial connector. IncOder CORE can be configured to output up to 17-bits of absolute position data in a range of protocol options including SPI, BiSS-C, and SSI.


  • Compact, Lightweight PCB construction
  • No precision installation tolerances
  • No calibration required
  • Ergonomic hollow bore design
  • Highly repeatable position feedback
  • Insensitive to contamination


  • Reduced system weight and design envelope
  • Simple installation
  • Reduced OEM production time and cost
  • Optimized for use in rotary actuators
  • Reliable feedback in demanding applications
  • Robust position measurement

Specifications of IncOder CORE

Rotor OD (Screw hole PCD) 35.6 mm (36 mm)
Stator OD (Screw hole PCD) 44 mm (56.8 mm)
ID 10.4 mm
Height 13.1 mm
Installation 0.5 ± 0.2 mm Gap
0.2 mm Max Radial Offset
Comms Protocols SSI, BiSS-C, SPI, Async Seria
Resolution 10 – 17 bits
Accuracy 0.1°
Repeatability ± 1 LSB
Max Speed 10,000 rpm
Supply Voltage 5-12 VDC
Current Consumption <100 mA
Measurement Update Rate 10 kHz
Operating Temperature -20 to +85 °C
Temperature coefficient <1 ppm
Mass 2.8g (Target)
11.8g (Stator)
Connector 10-way Molex PicoClasp