Product History

We sell all types of sensors, transducers and transmitters for the measurement of physical properties. These properties include temperature, pressure, flow, force, torque, level, humidity, voltage, current, power, and toxic and hazardous gas concentration. We add to our sensor mix recorders, microprocessor controllers, signal conditioners, isolators and re-transmitters.

logocolorDNDis a applications driven company. We assist our clients from the very beginning, guiding them to make the best choices through each stage of a project. We include the details needed for a complete measurement or control solution. In addition to specific hardware recommendations, we also provide detailed pricing and delivery information.

Our complementary, yet varied product line provides our customers with a selection of high quality products at competitive prices. All of our products can be applied to OEM and end-user applications. We really are the Sensor Guys, Your Measurement and Control Connection.

Here are some companies we have worked with over the years.