Liquid Level Sensor Interface

The GS liquid level software is an excellent resource for people using sensors to measure fuel, chemicals, or even waste. One of the best features of the Gill Liquid Level Sensors is its compatibility with the GS Level software. The GS Level software makes it easy for the end-user or integrator to change the setting of the liquid level sensor to best suit the given application. As a result, you won’t need to make any compromises when using your sensor. Most liquid level sensors have little functionality besides providing a proportional output between empty and full. However, that’s where the GS Liquid Level software comes in. When using this software you can optimize your sensor so that “empty” and “full” output are with respect to the full sensor length, how the control systems communicate with the sensor, and more.. The GS-Level software allows the end-user to quickly and easily optimize the sensor settings to a specific application. This results in more accurate and helpful information being communicated. For example, the user can set up an alarm to notify an operator of a low level or even use the alarm as a switch to initiate a pump. This video will walk you through the specific features of this incredibly useful and easy to use software program to help you optimize your Gill sensors. Check it out!

Do you have questions about the GILL Liquid Level Software?

Reach out to Everright, we are excited to help you with configuration requests or to just better optimize your software to your particular needs.