High-Precision Magnetic Encoders with CANopen Interface

High-Precision Magnetic Encoders with CANopen Interface


Rugged and Compact CANopen Encoders

POSITAL’s IXARC high-precision magnetic absolute rotary encoders are now available with CANopen interfaces. These new interface option is in addition to the previously announced SSI, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, Powerlink, Profbus DP and Profinet interfaces. Together, this range of interface choices makes the rugged and compact IXARC encoders one of the most versatile devices of its type on the market.

  • Battery-free Wiegand Sensor Technology
  • Robust and Compact Housing
  • Singleturn Resolution Reaches 16 bit
  • Autobaud Detection Function Enables the Device to Directly Integrate on the Network
  • Status LEDs Can Simplify Installation and Diagnostics
POSITAL’s precision rotary encoders, first introduced in 2013, provided a significant step forward in encoder technology. With improved magnetic field measurement sensors and advanced signal processing techniques, POSITAL has been able to offer devices with accuracy and dynamic response characteristics that rivaled traditional optical encoders in smaller, more robust, more cost-efficient packages. Single- and multiturn models are available. For multiturn versions, the rotation counter is self-powered, with no need for backup batteries. Since the original rollout, POSITAL has worked to enhance the performance of these devices and expand the range of available communication interfaces.

Excellent Choice for a Variety of Industries

IXARC encoders with the CANopen communications interface are an excellent choice for applications in vehicles, mobile machinery, cranes, lifts and offshore equipment. The communication interface features the autobaud function, so these encoders can be directly connected to a CANopen network without the need to manually set transmission speeds. Diagnostic LEDs show device status. A variety of connection options are available, including cables of various lengths and radially or axially oriented M12 or M23 connectors. Housings with bus-in/bus-out connectors are available for applications where it is convenient to connect several devices in series (daisy chain).Read More about the CANopen Interface
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Finding Easily the Right IXARC Sensor for Your Application


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Innovative Multiturn Kit Encoders

Innovation in Motor Feedback


Cost-Efficient Multiturn Kit Encoders

POSITAL’s new family of kit encoders provide the manufacturers of servomotors and other machinery with a rugged, accurate and cost-efficient means of building rotary position measurements into their products. The new kit encoders are based on POSITAL’s highly successful self-contained magnetic rotary encoders. Now however, the core components of these instruments are available as separate assemblies that can be readily integrated into other products.

  • Electrical Resolution: 17 Bit Singleturn, Up to 32 Bit Multiturn
  • BISS C, SSI, RS485-Based Protocols
  • Robust & Easy to Install
  • Insensitive to Dust and Moisture
  • Compact & Cost Efficient
  • Based on Wiegand Energy Harvesting System

Alternative to Resolvers and Traditional Optical Systems

The POSITAL kit encoder components offer a number of advantages over the rotation measuring devices that have traditionally been used with servomotors and rotating equipment. Compared to resolvers, they are more accurate and offer multiturn measurement capabilities. They also provide digital outputs instead of the analog signals produced by resolvers. While POSITAL’s magnetic encoder technology provides lower precision than the best optical disk encoders, it is less costly, less vulnerable to contamination from oil or dust and more resistant to shock and vibration. POSITAL encoders also provide an all-electronic multiturn absolute position measuring capability that evaluates the full absolute angular position, including the total number of shaft rotations.

  • Compact Solution: No Coupling or Bearings
  • Insensitive to Dust and Moisture
  • Accurate Motor Feedback

Specifications of Kit Encoders

POSITAL magnetic kit encoders are easy to incorporate into normal manufacturing processes since they don’t require extra-precision, near-cleanroom assembly conditions. A built-in self-calibration capability can compensate for small sensor-to-shaft alignment errors. For servomotors with magnetic brakes, a special magnetic shield has been developed to isolate the magnetic pickups of the measurement system from the external magnetic fields.

  • Electrical Resolution: Up to 17 Bit, Multiturn: Up to 32 Bit
  • BISS C, SSI, RS485-Based Protocols
  • Accuracy: 0.1⁰
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +105 ⁰C

The electronic components, including Hall-effect sensors, a 32-bit microprocessor and the Wiegand-wire energy harvesting system, are packaged in a convenient 36mm diameter, 24.2mm deep unit.

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Cricket Wireless System

The Cricket Wireless System was designed as a highly accurate seamless wireless analog bridge that can convert most wired sensors or analog inputs into a seamless wireless connection between most any 4-20 ma, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC sensor and data logger, controller or SCADA equipment, eliminating up to 20 miles of wiring.
The units consist of a wireless, bi-directional Master/Slave transceiver that allows from one to four channels of analog inputs and outputs. Each Master/Slave controllers has 4 channels of 12-bit analog inputs and 4 channels of 12-bit analog outputs allowing for a full duplex, bi-directional analog I/O.  Each controller is also equipped with one optically isolated ON/OFF type input and output.

iwirelessMost important features:
• 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels
• Inputs can be configured for 4-20 ma, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC
• Outputs can be configured for 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC or digital
•Transmitter/Receiver setup via RS232 interface
• License Free ISM Band Worldwide under FCC part 15 and      ECT 300.328
• 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz FHSS ISM band Transceiver
• Transmission Distance up to 20 miles (with Modified       Antennas)
• Easy to install and set up

Note: Cricket Wireless Transceiver, Model RT12-4411, shown with included antenna.  Transceivers are sold as a pair to provide a complete transmission function.

General Specifications:
• Input Ranges:              4-20 ma, 0-5 VDC or 0-10 VDC
• Data Conversion:         12 Bit A/D, D/A
• Resolution:                 0.02% Full Scale
• Configuration:             1, 2, 3 or 4 channels , Each channel configured independently of the other , Transmitter and Receiver configured independently

I/O Configuration Table:

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 1.18.32 PM

• Food processing
• Onboard Diagnostics:    Audible Beep for communications failure,
Input Voltage Failure or Analog Voltage Failure
• Power Supply:             8.0 to 14.1 VDC, @ 120 ma
• Operating Temperature:-40° to 80° C
• Humidity:                    20 to 90 % Non-Condensing
• Mechanical:                  Din Rail or hard mount,
3.94W x 2.76H x 4.43D
• Weight:                       Approx 1.1lbs

Click here to download Product Information, Cricket_Datasheet.pdf

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